The practical bathroom

But with flexible solutions from Pressalit Care, you can optimise the use of your bathroom. This will be of benefit to the user, the carer and the "owner".

The efficient bathroom by the wash basin - with or without a helper

By the wash basin

Sideways-sliding wash basin

  • Can create space for carer e.g. between wash basin and toilet
  • Can provide better working conditions, as the basin can be placed where it is most suited to the situation (within reach of the feed and waste pipe)
  • Can give users the opportunity to reach running water while seated on the toilet.

Height-adjustable wash basin

  • Can be adjusted to both sitting and standing position, high and low

The efficient bathroom by the toilet - with or without a helper

By the toilet

Sideways-sliding support arms

  • Adaptable for both slim and wider users
  • Can be provided as additional support by e.g. the shower seat

Height-adjustable support brackets

  • Can be adapted to both tall and short, standing and sitting users

Fixed support arms

  • Can be both an aesthetic and financially good option for the user in a stable situation

The efficient bathroom by the shower - with or without a helper

In the shower

Sideways-sliding shower seat

  • Can be moved into the corner so that the independent user can reach the shower mixer and shower rail
  • Can be moved away from the corner and provide work space for a carer on both sides
  • Can be moved to the side to make space for a standing shower
  • Can be moved to create the best working conditions
  • Can provide space for moving from both sides

Height-adjustable shower seat

  • Can be adjusted to the user's height

Watch a short video about the benefits of the solution, where the wash basin can be both height-adjusted and moved sideways.

See how you can make the toilet visit safer and more comfortable.

With the shower seat and accessories from the PLUS series, the shower area can be adjusted to everyone.