Daycare changing tables, freestanding

See Pressalit's range of free-standing changing tables. The changing tables have a range of smart functions, including height-adjustability. This means that the changing table can be adjusted up or down, depending on the user's needs. This function is also handy for any care staff who, thanks to the electric height-adjustability, can adjust the table up or down, thus protecting themselves from any uncomfortable working positions and lifting. The changing tables are ideal for caring for the disabled or for elderly people who are physically impaired. These tables are therefore particularly suited to institutions and care homes. The changing table also comes with smart and practical storage underneath or with an inbuilt hand shower head and mixer in one end. This provides optimal hygiene care during use.  They are also available in a foldable, space-saving version. Some versions come with integrated mixers and hand shower heads in one end, making hygiene care an added option. This version also includes a practical inbuilt storage drawer under the table. The changing table comes in a variety of versions, depending on needs.