Pressalit welcomes 100,000 bees

Pressalit enters a CSR-partnership with BISTAD and at the same time, we give vulnerable citizens a helping hand.

Both in Denmark and on a global scale, there is a decline in bees, which are essential to ensure the pollination of plants and ensure the biodiversity in nature. More than 1/3 of our food production is dependent on the bees’ pollination, but the population of bees is in heavy decline – and it has been for several years now. This development is occurring as the bees increasingly lack food. To counter this negative development, Pressalit has initiated a CSR-partnership with BISTAD, who works for two objectives:

  1. Making local honey
  2. Running a socioeconomic business, which offers vulnerable citizens a meaningful job, as they take part in running BISTAD

100,000 bees and 30 kilo honey

In August 2018, Pressalit has set up two beehives by our administration building in Ry, Denmark. Every beehive contains about 50,000 bees, which together produce 30 kilo honey on a yearly basis. The beehives are placed at Pressalit’s property, where they have plenty of places to obtain nourishment in the beautiful nature surrounding our headquarters. We are happy to contribute to and create awareness of the problem bee-decline is and we look forward to harvesting the honey later on.

Socioeconomic gains and Sustainable Development Goals

“Setting up beehives at Pressalit serves two primary purposes. First and foremost, we contribute to increase the population of bees, and we help ensuring the essential pollination of flowers and plants in nature, which is an essential element in large part of the food chain for us humans. In addition, we take part in creating jobs for vulnerable citizens, who through BISTAD can find a place in the workforce and have a meaningful job. This provides value for them, us and society” says Dan Boyter, Director in Pressalit.

BISTAD’s employees consist of a mix of employees, vulnerable citizens and volunteers. This is completely in line with Pressalit’s own philosophy and joy of employing vulnerable citizens, who to us have become extremely valued employees. It is important for Pressalit to take responsibility and contribute to society.

With BISTAD as partner, we are also contributing positively to 6 out of UN’s 27 Sustainable Development Goals, which is something we work actively with at Pressalit. Therefore, BISTAD is a great opportunity for us to support the Sustainable Development Goals and the positive development on a global scale.