What to remember when renovating your bathroom

One in five Danes dream of a new bathroom. But how do you get from your dream to a functional bathroom? Pressalit Seats asked Malene Marie Møller from the Boligcious blog.

One in five Danes want a new bathroom. This is what Malene Marie Møller, interiors blogger for Boligcious, writes, and refers to a study from Voxmeter. The popular blogger believes that bathroom dreams are based on a general tendency among us Danes to view our home as a reflection of ourselves.  One in two Danes have a bathroom that is over 10 years old, and an old bathroom with tired colours and a drab design doesn't tend to match people's perception of themselves. 

Elegant den with space for me-time
"When the Danes refurbish a bathroom, the dream is to create a room that promotes relaxation and me-time. Many have torn down the walls between their living room and kitchen to create large, light open-plan spaces where the family can be together, but now the Danes quite simply miss a place where they can lock the door and be alone," Malene explains.

The bathroom has therefore become the room where we recharge our batteries, which is why it makes sense for us to dream about doing something extra with the design. Malene describes the modern bathroom as a small, elegant den that reflects who we are, or who we dream of being.
"Beautiful table lamps, carpet, art and green plants are gradually making their way into the bathroom, and the bath might be forsaken in favour of more table or shelf space, so that we can showcase our expensive creams, pretty soaps and smelly bath salts. The aim is to show anyone who enters the room that we are in control of our environment." 

From dream to refurbishment
Malene stresses that prior to starting a refurbishment project, it is worth seeking inspiration from visual social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram. Think big and without limits. Only then do you start the editing phase, when dreams and ideas are prioritised. It is during the editing phase that you discover what is really important. For example, do you really need a waterfall shower and a bathtub with clawed feet, or is a water-saving shower a more cost-effective solution? 

Modern or timeless?
When planning a larger refurbishment, it is easy to be seduced by fashion trends - and this can become an expensive trap, warns Malene:
"Anything ultra modern will eventually become dated. So unless you can afford to renew your bathroom twice a decade, it's probably better to choose timeless tiles and fittings in, for example, black or white, which will always last. Instead, use accessories such as towels, lamps, mirrors, toilet seats and lids to give the room a modern lift.

The right toilet seat feels like luxury
"Whereas most elements in the bathroom mainly have to be visually appealing, a toilet seat also has to feel good. A seat that doesn't fit properly on the pan can become very uncomfortable to sit on," says Malene. She doesn't think that designer seats get the focus they deserve. "The wrong seat can ruin the impression of luxury and pampering in the new bathroom, and that's why it's worth investing in a good seat that fits the pan."