Career and development

We want our employees to have the right skills to become successful in their job.

At Pressalit, all employees actively contribute to our business and the company's further growth. Pressalit can also offer several career paths and thereby room for a diverse team of employees to develop.

In constant development

Our work is constantly developing as are our customers' and people's expectations of us. This means that as employees and managers at Pressalit, we must constantly work on developing our professional and personal skills so we can handle Pressalit's present and future goals as best as possible.

In Pressalit we work on annual targets and on which skills we need to improve those things that could be done even better. We have different management tools that help us in this process.

Space to think outside the box

Our thinking behind careers and development is that we believe people are at their best when the balance between skills and challenges is right. That's why we have decided to create a setting for development while we work - naturally within commercial conditions. We encourage everyone - both managers and employees - to play, because without play, there is no development. At Pressalit, we provide space to think outside the box, because we are daring - also in life.

Career development - at Pressalit we are constantly developing