Vision and mission

At Pressalit, our vision and mission have a major impact on our work.

Our overall objective as a company is:

  • To generate higher earnings for the company
  • To provide a culture based on shared core values (We listen. We give. We play. We take action), where responsibility and service go hand in hand
  • That Pressalit A/S should remain a family-owned company

Our mission is:

Pressalit's mission is the journey towards our goal - a way of reaching our vision. It is a statement of our right to existence. Our mission is to state which tasks we as a company need to complete. The mission thereby describes our core competencies:

To operate divisions that develop, produce, sell and advise on design-based quality concepts for bathrooms

Our vision is:

Pressalit's vision is a description of the goal we strive towards. This means the desired market position or size we want in the future. Our vision must be our guiding light and indicate which direction we want to move in:

A profitable, competitive and value-creating company, which is recognised as a leader within

  • Quality
  • Innovative solutions
  • Responsibility

to the benefit of our customers, employees and society.

Mission and vision for Presssalit